My brother is a fancy soccer player now…..



It’s been forever since I posted on here. The past few months have been so crazy, and I haven’t practiced photography in forever. I finished my first semester of college with straight A’s, and just turned 20. Christmas break has barely started, and we’ve already been on a mission trip to Mexico and done music therapy in hospitals. Every day is jam-packed with activities, and while I love being busy, I’m also looking forward to having a few days to completely chill after Christmas. I also am excited to have time for my hobbies, which I didn’t have during school. I want to read a book, play my guitar, take pictures, and do yoga to my heart’s content. Oh, and bake delicious winter snacks…..

Last night we decorated our tree. It went up late this year, but that’s okay, because knowing us, it will be there till March. I picked up my camera for the first time in weeks and snapped a few photos. I am so rusty, but look forward to getting lots of practice before the Spring semester starts. I’m also super excited because last night I ordered a new lens. It is a gift to myself for reaching my goal of making straight A’s. I can’t wait till it gets here!